Friday, May 21, 2010

last two shows before recording the new album...

May 28th 2010
riot room
w/ noah’s ark was a spaceship, radio city, the belated, inaeona
kansas city, missouri

June 10th 2010
replay lounge
w/ wheels on fire (OH), chick fights
lawrence, ks

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

live recording from a recordBar show in March....

i set a zoom h2 microphone in the middle of the room at a show we played at recordBar a few months ago. the vocals are a bit loud, but it turned out pretty good.

1. pissing off all the right people
2. sleeping bag
3. the world has no plans for you
4. archetype
5. kids know
6. easy
7. disappointed
8. urine
9. shockwaves
10. details


Monday, April 26, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

casino economy links / a few more local shows

our newest album, casino economy, is mixed.

you can get it here...

11 songs.
basic tracking by chris cosgrove.
additional tracking by josh thomas.

josh thomas - guitars, vocals, noise
alheim amador - bass
justin brooks - drums
steve williams - cello
joey henry - noise banjo, vocals

mixed by me.

we're playing with a really good band from omaha called noah's ark was a spaceship on saturday may 1st at the replay in lawrence.

we're playing may 4th at the riot room in kc with another really good Nebraska band, this one from Lincoln, pharmacy spirits. lite loins, thadd from the armory's new band, is playing the show too.

our last two shows were recorded, but they haven't been mixed yet. hopefully we'll have that done soon.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

(cassette tapes (fractals in heat (GOODWILLIES VERSION)))

first run of the GOODWILLIES VERSION of fractals in heat is done. 17 tapes for sale. $5 at shows. email band(at)highdivingponies(dot)com if you want to order one, $5 for the tape + $2 shipping/packaging.

Monday, March 15, 2010


i wrote a song last week that i like a lot.

the working title is 'details'.

here's the acoustic demo i recorded right after i wrote it...

details demo

we had practice yesterday to work on some new songs and get a set ready for the shows at the end of march, we played 'details' a few times, i think it already sounds pretty good...

details (rehearsal recording)

i know you're trying to help, but you're not, so please stop.
cheap things cost, they cost a lot, they cost a lot.
leaving out important parts of history.
leaving out important details.
leaving out details is lying.

we have another march show booked now. saturday march 27 @ the replay lounge in lawrence with tre orsi & karma vision. should be a good one.

we have 20 cassette tapes made for the GOODWILLIES version of fractals in heat.

download link

if you want a tape, we'll have them at shows, or you can email me (band(at)highdivingponies(dot)com) and i'll mail you one, $5, for real.